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Knowledge Management is the logical next step beyond Information Management, a term that puts a different spin on what was once called Data Processing. Thanks largely to computers, we’re hip deep in information. But it’s not clear that we’re getting any smarter.

And despite the wealth of information at our fingertips, it’s not clear that we’re more in touch with ourselves, more in control of our lives or more able to make better decisions. We’ve probably got too much information, and what we’re really looking for is knowledge. We can help you get started:

  • Knowledge Inventory -  Any functional area will have some knowledge assets, and a knowledge inventory can help document them. Knowledge assets include potential artifacts for inclusion in a Knowledge Repository, but could also include communities of practitioners, infrastructure elements and training programs.
  • Process Definition - KM is not a one-off event and if it’s to succeed, it must be supported by an on-going process. We can help define that process, making recommendations for roles and responsibilities, key activities and the potential for automation.
  • Interface Design - Designing the interface for a Knowledge Repository is really a separate activity. It’s also the single most important element, since a poor interface will lock users out of even the most valuable content.

Know what you know.

If you want to manage knowledge, you need a place to put it. That implies some workflow and approval processes, a mechanism for archiving and rating and most of all, an intuitive interface that will stay out of the user’s way. Show me.

Knowledge Library
Project Abstract Program

Capture that knowledge.

Knowledge capturing is what takes something from the tacit to the explicit. It’s a kind of journalism, in a way, and involves the same kind of skills: active listening, excellent writing and some tools to ensure consistency. Show me.

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