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The right words may not be worth a thousand pictures, but they might mean you don’t need a picture at all. Words still provide the spine of business communications, whether they’re telling your company’s history, pitching a new product or trying to motivate your employees. We can help you find your voice:

  • Communications Planning – We can help refine your perception of key messages and audiences. We can help you select some good communications channels and lay out a program schedule. We can also do follow-up surveys to see how things are going, and report on the results.
  • Copywriting & Editing – This is a foundation service for Knowledge Street. It’s available as a standalone but also finds its way into everything. We’ve written or edited the copy for many, many websites, as well as our own.
  • Animations and Screen Capture – Computer screens, whether desktop or mobile, have become a primary channel for information delivery. We can develop anything from brief marketing pieces to full-blown training programs, incorporating music, narration and special effects, as appropriate.
Knowledge Management

See the big picture.

Delivering a message effectively is a matter of blending various elements, and we’ve evolved a Communications Decision Tree to help visualize this idea. Its branches present the content  audiences,  and delivery channels as well as the fact that messages themselves need to be considered over time. Show me.

Communications Decision Tree
Communication Architecture

Think things through.

Our Communications Decision Tree is a useful talking document, but the real value is derived from using it to plan a large-scale program. The end result is a kind of communications architecture, which can be used to coordinate individual projects. Show me.

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